askelie – Conversational AI driven by Ever Learning Intelligent Engine.
Create amazing customer facing automation experiences from on-boarding, to booking vacation to intelligent NLP navigation of complex content. The only front office digital worker you will ever need!
elie is a true Conversational AI experience using a Natural Language interface and underpinned by a modern state of the art cloud native platform to enable intelligent hyper automation. From client onboarding, capturing the required content, automating key business processes and orchestrating two way conversations elie can offer an unrivalled solution to front office automation.

Natural Language Engagement

Using Natural Language Processing (NLP) elie can be taught to behave as a support digital worker for front office engagement. Creating high-end experiences for the consumer to automate mundane and complex process such as account opening or providing share dealing advice

More natural interaction

By allowing a user to express natural language by moving away from following taxonomy tree navigation elie provides a more intuitive and natural method of interaction. By asking NLP queries elie can help navigate complex data sets – give elie a question and get an answer!

elie, has substantially improved our go to market model. elie provides us with complete solution to automate both front office and back office

Providing intelligent Hyper Automation from contact to conclusion

Front end IDP

elie brings Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) to the front office conversation. elie can capture and decipher documents required to support a business process be that passports, wage slip or quotations thus making the process more user focussed and easier to complete.

AI/ML & Insight

elie is supported by modern cloud native artificial intelligence engine complete with machine learning to ensure a business process is both automated and self-learning. elie can even predict future events based on its predictive engine. elie is supported by insight module. Data processed or capturing key channel interaction elie can offer deeper insights into content and provide automated billing and track SLA’s performance.

askelie use cases

elie can be used to orchestrate any front office process such as onboarding insurance claims, booking vacation, applying for rent assistance or onboarding a new supplier. In addition elie can be embedded within a ISV’s application to bring a new user experience for enhanced software navigation or automation of a process within software package. elie can also be used to extract knowledge hidden in mass complex data structures. Take a look at the video examples for insurance claim processing, Contract navigation and booking vacation with elie.

Conversational AI –
Insurance Demo

Conversational AI Demonstration – 
3rd Party Application Navigation

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