At Affinity Initiative we understand the challenges that organisations face today particularly in respect of both new technology selection and existing legacy support and interaction. We have chosen to work with Solution Companies in the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics space that not only bring new and innovative technology to the market but also have products that work with and respect an existing legacy environment if appropriate.

Analycat Logo

Since 2008 Analycat’s various software products have been used to prepare banks, insurers and countries for the worst possible financial blows from nature. That sophisticated knowledge of mathematics and programming is now applied to artificial intelligence. Analycat provides customised, AI-driven software solutions that push the boundaries of supercomputing to give you better results in an ethical, innovative and agile way. Analycat is dedicated to creating and serving world-class analytical AI software tools and solutions that connect technology with human needs in a way that’s helpful. With Analycat, you can be sure that your company’s big data will be made more manageable, giving every end user more access to key insights than ever before. Speed, precision and usability is at the heart of what we do, partnering with our clients to put the very best global expertise at their fingertips for unmatched flexibility, customisability and above all else, transparency.

cloudhub360 logo

The team at Cloudhub360 believe in the power of Intelligent Hyper Automation. They have a deep and extensive experience of innovation in intelligent document processing technology/BPM/RPA and analytics. They have developed software – Waives and askelie – that makes complex technology easy to use, and helps companies achieve their business outcomes.

Cloudhub360’s IDP, AI, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing offerings make automation smarter, with the ability to increasingly handle more of the tasks humans currently perform but now it can be undertaken 24×7.

With the capabilities of Waives and askelie, Cloudhub360 and Affinity Initiative help companies bridge the gaps they face in their processes, from “contact to conclusion” through the focussed use and implementation of Intelligent Hyper Automation.

Digital Workforce Logo

Digital Workforce is a trusted advisor and a globally leading independent provider of services in Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) on an industrial scale. By identifying industry-specific pain points and needs, they can proactively offer intelligent solutions to their clients. Digital Workforce is one of the leading Robotic Process Automation (RPA) service providers globally, both in terms of revenue and head count. The company provides services across a range of industries. Today, over 150 large global customers use Digital Workforce’s services to transform their businesses with intelligent automation. They focus exclusively on intelligent automation and strive to make Digital Workforce best in class to ensure their survival.

They have automated over 4,000 business processes for their customers saving time and money a thousand-fold for their clients. They help and mentor organizations in their intelligent automation journey and digital transformation.

RPA Supervisor Logo

RPA Supervisor is the Hyperautomation Orchestrator that gives an organisation ultimate control and visibility over its intelligent automation digital worker estate. This includes management, notifcation, live dashboarding, analytics and integration with Microsoft Power Automate and other low code solutions – all in one platform.

RPA Supervisor is accessible across the whole enterprise. This instills transparency and confidence in the business, in the digital workforce and removes the operational barriers for the COE in scaling the number of automations across the organisation.

How it works

By implementing the RPA Supervisor, our customers have quickly optimized their RPA operations, making sure that the digital workforce always is available, operating at full capacity and prioritizing work, 24/7. With RPA Supervisor, traditional scheduling is a thing of the past. Simply enter the business requirements for your processes and let the RPA Supervisor handle your RPA operations.  

SLA based prioritization, monitoring and event handling, enable the RPA Supervisor to react to changes in workload, exceptions and infrastructure issues automatically. The customizable dashboards and notification center give business and technical users live information about all aspects of their RPA operations.

Synatic is a nimble, simple, and powerful Hybrid Integration Platform that allows you to seamlessly aggregate and automate your data. Synatic enables you to move fast and get the most out of your data through a single platform that ensures you get the right data, to the right person, at the right time. With a distinctive SWaS model, the Synatic team offers complete system support through integration projects, allowing you to focus on your core business needs.

Synatic saves you valuable time and money by optimizing and streamlining your business‘s data, thus reducing implementation time and giving you the ability to use your data as you see fit.  Innovation becomes a stepwise reality within your distributed cloud and hybrid on-premise constructs allowing you to solve simple and complex data challenges with ease.