Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners are key to the Affinity Initiative model. We are working with companies that are markets leaders, differentiators and experts in their chosen sphere. In some instances they are complimentary; Vipr and DA Strategy or Netcall, and a number of our Solutions partners. In other instances they are specialists as with TrACK. Importantly all of our partners have a common trait; that of being focussed, professional and proven.

TrACK Mentoring and Coaching logo Blue

TrACK Mentoring & Consulting has two distinct, yet complimentary services, and aims to deliver “exactly what it says”. Established to initially provide direct one-to-one mentoring to individuals at important times in their careers – to then help them ‘track’ their own development needs and to get clarity around their futures and the decisions they make to realise their potential and aspirations. This is beneficial to organisations who are looking to invest in their ‘top talent’ by supporting the development needs and growth of their key employees and supports their retention plans. Secondly, to help businesses, in or around the insurance segment, stay on ‘track’ to maximise their initiatives and capabilities by accessing our consultants experience, knowledge and networks. In both cases, we help to guide and provide both individuals and firms with some insights and support by accessing our many years of experience in the industry and our unique perspectives.


DA Strategy helps clients build delegated authority businesses and Carriers, Brokers and MGAs / Coverholders reach their goals. Their team of experienced London Market professionals have been involved in more than 500 new coverholder applications, 1,500 coverholder audits and led a number of data enhancement projects. They are qualified to address all types of delegated authority challenges including:

1. Developing strategic plans to deliver business growth,
2. Managing Delegated Authority Risk including due diligence, regulatory and audit.
3. Improving contracts across Binding Authorities, Lineslips, Master Policies and Consortia.
4. Undertaking Conduct Risk and product reviews,
5. Addressing FCA ‘Dear CEO’ challenges; and
6. Delivering high quality operational and transactional data for value-added analysis.

As a specialised consultancy with a focus on Delegated Authority business DA Strategy has the technical, operational and data management skills to deliver delegated authority solutions, support special projects and provide independent process and enhanced regulatory reviews. DA Strategy always strives to help its clients manage risk and make better returns on their investments.

VIPR Solutions

VIPR is an award-winning provider of sophisticated software solutions for the insurance market. Focussing primarily on Delegated Authority business their unrivalled market insight has secured their reputation as industry innovators. Driven by their clients – insurance companies, managing agents, managing general agents and brokers – their encompassing suite of products address the ever growing compliance and regulatory burdens facing companies in the market enabling them to capture and manage their data effectively and with confidence.

 The recent major investment by the Independent private equity firm Tenzing has positioned VIPR positively to achieve the next phase of its growth strategy in the UK insurance market and will allow them to continue to provide the leading edge capability and high level of support and partnership that they are known to provide to their clients.

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Netcall helps organisations improve customer experience through collaborative CX. A leading provider of low-code and customer engagement solutions, Netcall enable customer-facing and IT talent to collaborate. By taking the pain out of big change projects, they help businesses to dramatically improve customer experience, while lowering costs.  There are over 600 organisations in financial services, insurance, local government and healthcare that use the Netcall Liberty platform to make life easier for the people they serve.

Affinity Initiative are proud to partner with Virtual Actuary and to support them as they ‘come to market’ in and around the London Re/Insurance market. Whilst they will be a new entrant in London, they are a highly credible and well-established business globally, who are able to bring an exciting suite of actuarial services and capabilities to our marketplace. They are highly qualified and fully conversant with the needs and dynamics of the London Re/Insurance market.