Our Strategy

As we have said previously we understand the challenges that exist in organisations today. For a successful organisation to compete in the current market place with all of the business changes and processes that are being introduced and applied they will have to change the way they operate. At Affinity Initiative we bring best of breed technology aligned to experienced and proven people to help an organisation realise the opportunity and benefits that the effective use of intelligent automation presents.

In addition to looking to introduce new and innovative products to the market we have brought together a team of proven professionals and selected business partners who aim to provide a level of support and delivery they look for when driving their own businesses. Focus will be on Technology Strategy, Business Direction and Team and Individual growth. A number of the Advisors have extensive backgrounds in Mentoring at a corporate and individual level and are available to advise and guide in line with agreed business and lifestyle models.


We have strong and focussed partnerships with some of the best technologies, solutions and practitioners in the market. We will continue to look for and partner with the designers of the next  generation of innovative products as they are developed. In addition and complimentary to this we bring proven experience, thought leadership and a desire to manage change.  We believe we know what a differentiator looks like whether it relates to a product, a business requirement or a program delivery.  Our desire to apply this knowledge positively and provide a successful outcome for our customers is at the forefront of why we exist today.


Through experience we understand the challenges that exist in many organisations today. Organisations have always had to be flexible and importantly be open to change in the way they operate in order to be able to compete, this has never been more true than it is in current times. We believe our model that is focussed on providing a flexibility in process, aligned to differentiating technologies and a desire to bring the right people together gives us a real chance to allow our clients to realise the opportunity Intelligent Automation presents in addressing their challenges and delivering them real value.