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Affinity Initiative is a new type of company providing solutions, capability, direction, delivery, consultancy and technology to the Insurance sector.  Affinity Initiative believes that experience and knowledge are key to the success of a company and when you align this to a desire for innovation and a proven ability to partner you create a business with a positive yet fresh attitude that any organisation can trust and readily embrace.  We don’t necessarily have all the answers but we are quietly confident that the experience and knowledge that exists within our own team, our advisors and our partner companies we can address any request, program or project that is brought to us.

Our Approach

At Affinity Initiative we want to be seen not only as a differentiator but also as a “Go To” advisor.  Our Management Team, our own Advisors and our business partners all possess a real understanding of the market and the challenges it faces. Whether you are looking for new technology, proven skill sets, the right solution or corporate or program guidance we hope that we will be the first company that you want to talk to.  We are continuing to grow our network and will continue to look to bring leading edge technology and proven suppliers together for the benefit of the market.


New products and applications in the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics arenas are now proving to be major differentiators for those companies that embrace them.  At Affinity Initiative we have selected products that although at the “Leading Edge” are also proven.  They are there to enhance the company and its workforces capability not replace it; for example Robosure from Digital Work Force will enable digital workers to be employed that can work 24/7, while Predictive Analysis tools like A BOT Named Sue can be trained to think like an Underwriter and replicate their decision process.  All of our solutions are focussed on enhancing capability, improving efficiency and as appropriate help the company make better business decisions.


At Affinity Initiative we believe that the new technologies have evolved to a point where they can now deliver the products and solutions that the market has needed for a long time and at both a cost and within a timescale that benefits the business.  Low Code as provided by companies such as Netcall can not only deliver applications much more quickly than traditional developments but can also integrate readily with legacy applications and data through proven API’s as such protecting existing investment where appropriate.


Partnerships have always been key to the successes enjoyed by all of the Affinity Initiative team throughout their various careers.  It is a major fundamental of the ethos that exists within the Insurance Market and will be the cornerstone of our business strategy.  We have carefully aligned to companies that also believe that partnering at the right time and for the right reason can bring added benefit to a client when applied correctly.  VIPR are a prime example of this.  VIPR is established as the leading supplier of DUA solutions and as part of their customer-centric approach, they are already looking at new technologies to see how their introduction could potentially enhance their user’s experience.

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