The Talking Dog – Immersion in new technology by Nicolas Babin

Nicolas Babin is the author of the award winning book “The Talking Dog – Immersion in new technologies”.

This book illustrates, by using personal examples, an international journey with new technologies from the 1990s until today. Creator and developer of 24 companies, our Marketing Director Nicolas is considered an international expert in digital technologies and an opinion leader in fields such as E-health, Gamification, 5G and Artificial Intelligence.

In simple terms, he explains the evolution of various digital innovations and the benefits that can be derived from these advances.

Mike Nash (BA Hons), AI Consultancy comments “His book is a wonderful technological journey through his life from growing up in France to the dizzy heights of Sony and returning home to run his own digital consultancy.”
Read the full article by Mike Nash here.

Want to buy the book?

Nicolas’ book is available to buy online from Amazon here.

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