Virtual Actuary (VA) has developed a new successful concept for delivering actuarial services to clients

  • VA can match or exceed quality levels of existing consultancies without incurring costs and obligations inherent with fixed staff.

Quality assurance at the forefront of priorities

  • Operational team responsible for diligent scoping of projects and matching best staff to client requirements
  • Strict and controlled peer review system
  • Staff leverage a global knowledge and experience base for support
  • Seasoned project and delivery managers put in place where required
  • Monthly feedback sessions with clients by directors.

Actuarial industry has traditionally been slow to change

  • Inhouse actuaries utilising legacy systems which are slow and cumbersome
  • Traditional consulting businesses with high earning partners at the top and lower level actuaries working long hours

New technology enables actuaries to perform their services independently and offsite

  • With clients under pressure to reduce costs, leading to reduced actuarial departments
  • Global shortage of actuaries means a new Virtual workforce of actuaries is the future.
Disrupting Factors

Consulting Services

Traditional actuarial consulting
Life Insurance, General Insurance, Banking, Healthcare, Investments, Reinsurance

Multi Manager Investments consulting
Servicing investment clients

Insurtech SAAS
Remote Software as a Service actuarial consulting

Revolutionary Business Model

Virtual Actuary Business Model

Main Insurance Services