Experts in multiple sectors

Sue is a technology that allows experts to transfer their knowledge to computers. This gives the organization the ability to replicate the decisioning performance of the top experts throughout the organization. Sue then allows the company to manage outcomes and adjust the model to its changing needs. Virtual experts have near limitless capacity and can be integrated and deployed anywhere and in any operational environment.

Accurate and time-saving

100% Accuracy with decisions to close mining operations. Freeing up senior management to focus on other tasks.
•  Change old decisions to influence behaviour
•  Add importance to neglected variables
•  Remove human bias to align decisions to strategy
•  Learn the hidden rules that guide ‘expert opinion’ in your organisation
•  All with an easy graphic interface

Features and benefits

Sue has built in graphic presentations of your decision structure that allow you to:
•  Learn what the unconscious processes are in expert decision making
•  Make those decisions transparent to the board
•  Justify those decisions to regulators
•  Change the way they are made in accordance with new guidelines
•  Review past decisions rapidly and detect fraud
•  Receive warning emails when decisions are taken that do not match Sue
•  Use Sue behind the scenes for decision auditing

Other benefits include mining, production monitoring, industrial processing, high-precision farming, engine monitoring.


The Sue AI bot has a wide variety of implementations in the market.  This list is not comprehensive:

•  Monitoring
•  IOT/Telemetry
•  Automatic Renewals
•  Auditing
•  Data Enhancement
•  Targeted Marketing
•  Call Centres Next Best
•  Move
•  Medical
•  Trading
•  Cyber Risk
•  Onboarding
•  Questionnaires
•  Application Selections
•  Staff Predictors

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