Next-generation managed RPA service for rapid, low-fuss access to digital workers
Digital Workforce Roboshore

Roboshore frees your team to focus on your core business and helps to ensure your competitiveness by delivering high-performance multi-technology automation solutions from the cloud, supported by 24/7 proactive maintenance that improves the overall quality of your automation.

Automation has become commonplace in many organizations. At the same time, many companies struggle with unused licenses, a fear of technology-vendor lock-in, poorly performing bots, or the lack of an ability to scale up and down as needed. This is where Roboshore can help.


A multi-technology platform with the capacity to execute your RPA automation. We deliver the required RPA capacity from our Robot as a Service cloud to run the processes in a way that meets your business requirements.


Delivered according to a tailored service level agreement (SLA) automated processes added to the service. If a process crashes or terminates, our team receives an alert and we resolve the issue. We monitor processes 24/7.


We ensure a clean and healthy RPA production environment that is aligned with industry best practices. All processes added to the service go through our quality acceptance procedure, which ensures that your solution is maintainable and performs well in production.


Visibility and control over process performance, orchestration and process SLAs. Monitor process performance through an intuitive dashboard and modify the transactional priorities of different processes using RPA Supervisor.

Roboshore is a new business service by the leading intelligent automation service provider, Digital Workforce.

One price per process, based on your consumption. No long-term commitments.

Roboshore is priced per production minute for standard production. The minute-based price depends on the priority you select for each process (Standard, Priority or Critical). You have no more unused or underused licenses: you can start maximizing the utilization of your intelligent automation now.

Transparency in Procurement

One service price includes everything: there are no hidden costs! No nasty financial surprises when operating or maintaining the solution.

Control for Each Business Unit

You have full control over your processes and the costs; the price is defined by the priority you choose.

Flexibility in Finance

You don’t need to commit to capacity. With Roboshore you can scale up and down based on need. If your process runs only eight hours per month, you pay only for this time and nothing extra. You can easily adjust the capacity based on seasonal changes, peaks in demand, or the changing situation of your business.

Security in IT

The service complies with the ISO / IEC 20001:2011 structure and processes. We can demonstrate proven information security: the platform is used successfully by organizations with strict information security requirements, including hospitals, municipalities and banks. Strict conformance with SLAs.


Roboshore has a wide variety of implementations in the market.  This list is not comprehensive:

•  Monitoring
•  IOT/Telemetry
•  Automatic Renewals
•  Auditing
•  Data Enhancement
•  Targeted Marketing
•  Call Centres Next Best
•  Move
•  Medical
•  Trading
•  Cyber Risk
•  Onboarding
•  Questionnaires
•  Application Selections
•  Staff Predictors

Workforce management

Improve the management and result reporting of RPA based digital workforce real-time where ever you are!

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People and robots working together. Watch the video and learn, how If is using RPA and how does the future look like.

Building a smarter workforce

Digital Workforce Head of AI, Gaurav Khullar talks about their intelligent automation platform, and the benefits of technologies such as RPA.

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